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Uterus didelphys (sometimes also uterus didelphis) represents a uterine malformation where the uterus is present as a paired organ when the embryogenetic fusion of the Müllerian ducts fails to occur. As a result, there is a double uterus with two separate cervices, and possibly a double vagina as well. Each uterus has a single horn linked to the ipsilateral fallopian tube that faces its ovary Some uterine anomalies can be accurately diagnosed with US, such as absent uterus or didelphys uterus, in which there are two widely separated uterine horns and two cervices. Two-dimensional US may not be accurate, however, in the diagnosis of other uterine anomalies. It is difficult to distinguish a bicornuate uterus from a septate uterus because it may be impossible to assess the external fundal contour of the uterus. A bicornuate uterus should have a deep fundal indentation of 1 cm or.

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  1. Der Uterus didelphys (von altgriechisch δίς, δίdis, di zwei und δελφύς delphys Gebärmutter) ist eine angeborene Uterusfehlbildung mit Doppelanlage der Gebärmutter und der Vagina. Synonyme sind: Uterus bicornis, bizervikaler; Uterus duplex, Uterus duplex bicollis
  2. ed in five longitudinal sections of each horn. The amount and distribution of these receptors were normal, but the receptor content of the.
  3. g. The trans-vaginal septum basically splits my uterus in half, and it comes all the way down into my vaginal canal. It also has nerve endings, so sex is painful sometimes for me. 1 in every 3,000 women have it. It is a genetic abnormality, so I was.
  4. Als Uterus didelphys bezeichnet man die vollständige Doppelanlage der Gebärmutter (Uterus) mit doppelter Zervix und ggf. doppelter Vagina. 2 Embryologie Der Uterus didelphys entsteht durch eine ausbleibende Fusion der beiden Ductus paramesonephrici (Müller-Gänge). Tags: Febildung, Uterus
  5. Uterine didelphys is a congenital uterine anomaly that consists of the formation of two small uteruses. When the Müllerian ducts don't fuse together completely during the formation of the female reproductive system, the result is uterine didelphys. There exist two types of uterine didelphys: Uterus didelphys bicolli

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The uterus has its own cycle which is driven by the cyclical release of hormones by the ovaries which we've previously talked about. The inner lining of the uterus is called the endometrium . If fertilization does not occur, the corpus luteum remains active only for 14 days and then begins to degenerate and undergoes the involution (corpus luteum menstruationis). It is where the fertilized. Was ist ein Uterus didelphys? Ein Uterus didelphys ist eine Form der Uterusfehlbildung, bei der es neben zwei Vaginen auch zwei Gebärmutterhälse und zwei Gebärmütter gibt. Diese Fehlbildung. What Is Uterus Didelphys? Often referred to as double uterus or uterine duplication, uterus didelphys is a rare congenital abnormality, affecting one in approximately 3,000 women. In a developing female fetus, two tubes usually connect to create one organ, the uterus. When the tubes don't join properly, two separate structures develop. A double uterus might have one opening — the cervix — leading to one vagina. Or, each uterine cavity can have a cervix. In some cases, there. Uterus didelphys - Zweifache Anlage von Uterus, Cervix und Vagina Uterus bicornis unicollis - Zweifacher Gebärmutterkörper mit einer Cervix Uterus bicornis bicollis - Zweifache Anlage des Uterus mit Verschmelzung der medialen Wand, zweifache Cervix, selten auch zweifache Vagina 7 Untersuchungsmethoden. Die Untersuchung des Uterus ist die Domäne der Frauenheilkunde (Gynäkologie). Dabei.

What Is Uterus Didelphys Cream Progesterone Face Benefits (interstitial) fluid and . what to take to lose weight during menopause symptoms help reduce bind to receptors on some other cells (not all cells have the oxytocin and antidiuretic hormone) and Hormones (examples thyroid. May be circulating or local hormones. It lets your healthcare provider look at your: Uterus; Cervix; Vagina Posts about Uterus didelphys written by Saz. If you have PCOS, you already know that your hormones rule your life. They can turn you from a vivacious, friendly human being into an absolute nightmare for no good reason within 30 seconds flat and back again Uterine didelphys; Bicornuate uterus Septate uterus; Women exposed to Diethylstilbestrol may develop a T-shaped uterus; Clinical Significance. The uterus is affected by a variety of gynecologic disorders, including prolapse, fibroids, polyps, infections, cancer, malformations, and adhesions. Hysterectomy is the second most common surgical. In females of Pictures Of Uterus Didelphys Uterus Thickening menstrual age symptoms of progesterone Enquire about Chinese Herbal Medicine with this wonderful philosophy with their Melbourne we treat with Chinese herbs are: Colds and Flu; Menopause; Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH): A ief background on thyroid physiology. Translation of ovulation at Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English.

Didelphys uterus: The uterus is divided, particularly near the lower opening, with two sections that each have a separate cervical opening. Unicornate uterus: The uterus appears smaller, as a section may be compressed or undeveloped, resulting in only one real cavity, which is especially small in size. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease . When bacteria or organisms enter the cervix and spread. Jump to Content Jump to Main Navigation Jump to Main Navigatio a mullerian malformation (double uterus, double cervix and complete sagital vaginal septum) with malposition of the left fallopian tube due to post D&C adhe.. Free Shipping on eBa The effect of the corpus luteum hormone upon the uterus of the developing opossum, Didelphys virginiana. NELSEN OE. PMID: 21066183 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] MeSH Terms. Animals; Corpus Luteum Hormones* Female; Hormones* Humans; Opossums* Ovary* Progesterone* Uterus/physiology* Substances. Corpus Luteum Hormones; Hormones; Progesteron

My hormones are raging. I'm tired. I'm still high risk. Doctors still measure the baby regularly to make sure everything is ok. But this thought is always looming: When's the other shoe gonna drop? And then I failed my gestational diabetes test. Barely. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's just one more thing. And when, on God's great earth, am I supposed to emo U2, septate uterus - uterine cavity is partitioned by a fibromuscular septum, but has normal external contour/ shape. U3, bicorporeal uterus (partial and complete - bicornuate and uterus didelphys based on AFS) - uterus is present as two separate uterine horns, double uterus with or without two separate cervices, and rarely a double.

Der Uterus des Neugeborenen ist durch die mütterlichen Hormone relativ groß. Die Zervix ist dabei prominenter als der Korpus. Nach der Neonatalperiode nimmt die Größe des Uterus, bedingt durch das Fehlen der mütterlichen Hormone, ab. In der Folge sind Korpus und Zervix nicht mehr zu unterscheiden. Erst nach dem 7. Lebensjahr nimmt der Uterus an Größe und Breite zu, wobei der Korpus schneller wächst als die Zervix. Mit Einsetzen der Pubertät lassen sich Korpus und Zervix wieder. Primary amenorrhea is least likely to happen in a patient of uterus didelphys. Unusual configuration of lateral fusion defect of the mullerian duct with vertical defect constitutes class IV (American Fertility society classification) or U3b. Bicorporeal complete type (ESHRE/ESGE classification) of uterovaginal anomalies . They are the rarest and least reported among the mullerian anomalies. More so, borderline ovarian tumors are less likely to occur at or below 20 years of age. U3, bicorporeal uterus (partial and complete - bicornuate and uterus didelphys based on AFS) - uterus is present as two separate uterine horns, double uterus with or without two separate cervices, and rarely a double vagina. Each uteri horn is linked to one fallopian tube and ovary. U4, hemi‐uterus (unicornuate) - only one horn of the uterus is present which is linked to one fallopian. Uterus Didelphys with Septate Cervix and Unilateral Endometrial Carcinoma: A Case Report. Uterine malformations owing to defects of fussion of müllerian ducts are not rare, but cases of complete duplicity (didelphys or bicornuate-bicollis uterus) with double vagina are rarer and usually have two cervices, one connecting each vagina. However, the combination of a uterus didelphys in the. Das aufgebaute Endometrium wird, durch Hormone gesteuert, wieder abgestoßen und zusammen mit dem Blut, welches von den zerrissenen Gefäßen der Schleimhaut stammt, als Menstruation ausgeschieden. Damit dies möglich wird, zieht sich die Gebärmutter zusammen, sodass das abgestoßene Gewebe in die Scheide gepresst werden kann. Dieser Vorgang kann mitunter die typische

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Uterus didelphys oder Uterus duplex Ein Uterus didelphys oder Uterus duplex ist eine Anomalie, bei der die Gebärmutter doppelt angelegt ist. Jeder Uterus kann außerdem zu einer eigenen Vagina führen, es kann also auch zwei Vaginen geben Anti-Müllerian hormone levels in recurrent embryonic miscarriage patients are frequently abnormal, and may affect pregnancy outcomes Uterus didelphys (double uterus) is a rare condition where the entire tract is separated. urogenital fold - (urogenital ridges, urethral folds) The ventral portion of the original cloacal folds, which contribute to the formation of the urethral groove on the.

(uterus didelphys, double uterus, uterus didelphis) A rare uterine developmental abnormality where the paramesonephric ducts (Mullerian ducts) completely fail to fuse generating two separate uterus parts each connected to the cervix and having an ovary each. Uterus/Vaginal. Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH, MRK anomaly, Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, RKH syndrome, RKH. The MRI appearance of the vagina, like that of the uterus, responds to hormones. In the early proliferative phase, the vagina is of low signal intensity on T2w images with a central hyperintense stripe corresponding to mucus and epithelium. During the secretory phase, the central stripe is somewhat thicker, and, in ca. 70% of women, the vaginal wall increases in signal intensity. Thus, the contrast between the wall and mucosa/mucus is reduced compared with the proliferative phase Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is released by the anterior pituitary gland. Its presence in males is necessary for the maturation of spermatozoa. Luteinizing. Hormone (LH) is released by the anterior pituitary gland. The primary male androgen, sex hormone, is testosterone. Testosterone is produced by the interstitial (Leydig) cells of the testes. At puberty, the secretion of testosterone increases. It also helps develop other characteristics like beards on men. When stimulated by. Uterine didelphys: Ultrasonography or MRI: Uterine didelphys can be easily diagnosed with either transvaginal ultrasound or MRI. Divergent uterine horns, fundal cleft, 2 services, and a vaginal septum are the most common findings on both imaging modalities. Bicornuate uterus: Ultrasonography, MRI, or hysterosalpingograph The uterus is a hollow organ found in the woman's lower abdomen, shaped like a pear and performs a role in menstruation, pregnancy and delivery of a fetus. Your uterus varies in size and shape based on your age and reproductive sex hormones. During your menstrual cycle, the uterus sheds it's lining and allows for a fertilized egg (ovum) to implant and make room for the developing fetus's growth. Typically most women have only one uterus however being born with a double.

The cervix also presented a double cavity (Class C2 according to the ESHRE/ESGE classification system). This congenital anomaly affecting the uterus and the cervix was formerly known as double uterus or uterus didelphys. She presented a body mass index of 20.2 and had no significant medical history or relevant allergies. Relevant hormone levels were as follows: follicle stimulating hormone 5.79 mIU/mL, luteinizing hormone 4.44 mIU/mL, estradiol 70 pcg/mL, and prolactin 31.07 ng/mL Uterus didelphys mit Vaginalatresie ipsilateral zu einer multizystisch dysplastischen bzw. fehlender Nie-re)! Dies fällt im Neugeborenenal-ter sonographisch besonders leicht, da unter dem noch bestehenden Einfluß der mütterlichen Hormone der Uterus groß und das Endome-trium gut sichtbar ist, und so in die-sem Alter Uterusduplikaturen gu Uterus didelphys. Uterus didelphys is when there are two separate inner uterine cavities. Each cavity is attached to its own cervix, and there may even be two vaginas. Unicornuate uterus. A unicornuate uterus is about half the size of a normal womb, and it is only attached to one fallopian tube. The shape forms what looks like a horn. Women with this condition may have two ovaries, but only one is connected to the uterus Women with a condition known as uterine didelphys don't just have a misshapen uterus: They have two completely separate uteruses, cervixes, and sometimes even two parallel vaginas, with one. In uterus didelphys, the endometrial-to-myometrial ratio as well as the zonal anatomy are normal (30,31,35). Duplication of the proximal vagina may be visualized at MR imaging, and this may be further improved by instillation of viscous liquid, such as ultrasound gel, into the vagina before imaging. The presence of a unilateral hemivaginal septum obstructing one of the uterine horns will cause that horn to be markedly distended from blood products, demonstrating high signal.

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The sonohysterogram (son-o-HIS-ter-o-gram), an ultrasound scan, is done after fluid is injected through a tube into your uterus by way of your vagina and cervix. This allows your doctor to look for problems in the shape of your uterus. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The MRI machine looks like a tunnel that has both ends open. You lie down on a movable table that slides into the opening of the tunnel. This painless procedure uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create cross. So kann die Gebärmutter komplett doppelt angelegt sein (Uterus duplex, Uterus didelphys) oder der obere Teil der Gebärmutter doppelt (symmetrisch oder asymmetrisch) angelegt sein (Uterus bicornis, Uterus unicornis). Je nach Ausprägung kann es zum häufigeren Auftreten von Fehl- oder Frühgeburten kommen. Isolierte vollständige oder teilweise Vaginalaplasie/-atresie Fehlen der Scheide. Bei. This hormone is produced by the testes and serves to cease the development of female internal organs. Without the influence of AMH, the ducts develop into the uterus, uterine tubes, cervix, and the upper 1/3 of the vagina comprising some of the female internal genitalia. The function of these structures is the site of fertilization, and to.

Sometimes the development in utero may be incomplete; this is called a Mullerian anomaly and can lead to many variants, ranging from a uterine septum to uterine didelphys (double uterus). Anatomically, the uterus is located in the female pelvis immediately posterior to the bladder and anterior to the rectum. The female uterus subdivides into four main anatomic segments (from superior to. Uterus didelphys accounts for near 5% of MDA and corresponds to a complete duplication of the uterus and the cervix. In 75% of the cases, it is associated with a longitudinal vaginal septum, either complete or incomplete (with fenestrations) . A transverse vaginal septum resulting from defects in vertical fusion may be associated [9, 13]

PDF | Introduction. Uterus didelphys results when Mullerian duct fusion is completely arrested during development. We presented a rare case of... | Find, read and cite all the research you need on. Uterine Didelphys and other Mullerian Anomalies. Uterine Fibroid + Hormone Support Group. Uterine Fibroid Embolization Support Group - Non-Surgical. Uterine Fibroid Support & Awareness. Uterine Fibroid Support & Resource Group. Uterine Fibroids Pain. Uterine Fibroids, Fertility N Well Woman Health! Uterine Fibroids: Medical Removal Support Group . Uterine Fibroids: Removal support Group. Now she is using the medium to shed light about her rare condition, uterus didelphys which is known as double uterus and occurs because the uterus begins growing as two small tubes, rather than one. In a Q&A video, she answered some questions about it and whether or not this medical anomaly is responsible for the chronic acne that made her famous. The YouTube star who runs beauty-focused.

ja, tatsächlich ist es so, dass Du bei einer klassischen IVF oder ICSI Dir verschiedene Hormone selbst spritzen musst. Das hat damit zu tun, dass man mehrere Eizellen gewinnen will und dazu braucht es eine Stimulation der Eierstöcke, damit sich mehrere Follikel gleichzeitig bis zur gewünschten Größe entwickeln. Das Thema Mehrlinge spielt tatsächlich auch eine wichtige Rolle, gleichzeitig. Die Operation eines Uterus bicornis oder Uterus didelphys wird kontrovers disku-tiert. Studien mit kleinen Fallzahlen be - richten jedoch über verbesserte Schwan-gerschaftsraten. Die Therapie mit i.v. Im- munglobulinen ist umstritten, da in Stu-dien verschiedene Präparate mit verschiedenen Wirkungen verwendet wurden. Ziel der Immunglobuline ist, mögliche Autoantikörper zu neutralisie-ren. Some of the most common uterine malformations include bicornuate uterus, uterus didelphys, and septate uterus, amongst others. The following is a guide to the different types of uterine abnormalities, their causes, and their impact on female fertility, as well as the potential treatment options to start a family. Below you have an index with the 8 points we are going to deal with in this. Kelly Fairhurst, who has uterine didelphys, is carrying twins in separate wombs. Kelly Fairhurst has a medical condition that occurs in less than 1% of women. IE 11 is not supported

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TOPICS: Mullerian agenesis, uterine anomalies, Mullerian inhibitory factor (MIF), 5 alpha-reductase deficiency, congenital penile abnormalities, Mullerian agenesis. Uterus didelphys of the uterine body and cervix which is due to a nonfusion of the Mullerian ducts (5%). A longitudinal vaginal septum is associated in 75%. These patients are usually asymptomatic unless there is an associated transverse vaginal septum causing hematometrocolpos. Complications of the uterine didelphys include preterm abortions. My hormones went crazy leading up to my egg collection! (Uterus Didelphys) they will only transfer one embryo to significantly decrease the chance of a multiple birth. Because my previous procedures have been so painful I will also be sedated for this procedure. So the ball is well and truly rolling and we've been told that we'll know if it has worked by the end of October!! We were. I have a septate didelphys uterus. I also have PCOS. I have had 1 child this year after many miscarriages and taking a while to conceive. I had IVF once that ended in miscarriage. I would like a 2nd child. I had an emergency C-section prem baby at 35wks 3 days. I have anemi and coeliac disease. Also recently had bloods stated low oestrogen level. G.p won't refer to gynae. Also when have.

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The uterus (from Latin uterus, plural uteri) or womb (/ w uː m /) is a major female hormone-responsive secondary sex organ of the reproductive system in humans and most other mammals. Things occurring in the uterus are described with the term in utero The lining of the uterus is called the endometrium. Under the influence of hormones from the ovaries this thickens progressively until shed during menstruation. In pregnancy, the uterus expands considerably with the growth of the fetus until it rises almost to the top of the abdominal cavity

uterus didelphys (double uterus) and primary infertility, who had been through Relevant hormone levels were as follows: follicle stimulating hormone 5.79 mIU/mL, luteinizing hormone 4.44 mIU. What is Uterus didelphys? A uterine malformation which results in presence of 2 uterus, 2 cervix and often 2 vagina Uterus didelphys rarely causes problems. In fact, some women don't even know they have it, while others experience very painful menstrual periods. Uterus didelphys can be the cause of recurrent miscarriages. Though rarely, if the woman gets pregnant with fraternal twins, they might be delivered hours or days apart Die Hormonspiralen geben Hormone ab, die eine Atrophie des Endometriums (Gewebe der Gebärmutter) und eine Verdickung des Schleims im Gebärmutterhals bewirken, der die Spermien daran hindert, über die Gebärmutter in die Eileiter zu wandern und dort auf das Ei zu treffen. Bei den meisten Frauen findet der Eisprung weiterhin normal statt. Insbesondere während der ersten Jahre ist bei einigen Frauen jedoch eine Hemmung des Eisprungs zu beobachten. Dieses Verhütungsmittel führt häufig zu. Fachausdruck: Uterus didelphys. Sie hat zwei Gebärmütter, zwei Gebärmutterhälse und zwei Vaginas. Sie hat zwei Gebärmütter, zwei Gebärmutterhälse und zwei Vaginas

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Unicornuate uterus, a congenital uterine malformation resulting from unilateral maldevelopment of Mullerian duct, is more prevalent in women with infertility. Owing to relative rarity of the condition, the evidence on the associated reproductive outcomes is derived from small heterogeneous studies that report different clinical endpoints and often do not account for the anatomical variations of unicornuate uterus. The aim of this study was to evaluate the embryological and. This form of uterine anomaly occurs when the uterus is predominantly formed by just one of the two paired Müllerian ducts. This abnormality has been shown to have significantly greater chance of infertility, miscarriage, and preterm delivery. On coronal 3D images, the uterine cavity no longer shows a normal triangular shape, but rather assume a banana shape. However, unicornuate uterus is typically missed with standard 2D ultrasound. In part for this reason, all fertility patients should.

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Double uterus (Uterus Didelphys) Overview. A double uterus is a rare congenital abnormality. In a female fetus, the uterus starts out as two small tubes. As the fetus develops, the tubes normally join to create one larger, hollow organ — the uterus. Sometimes, however, the tubes don't join completely. Instead, each one develops into a separate structure. A double uterus may have one. A trace of free fluid is seen adjacent to the posterior aspect of the left uterine horn - this may be hormone-related as tiny follicles are still present in the left ovary. Case Discussion Uterus didelphys is when the uterus is present as a paired organ secondary to the failed embryogenetic fusion of the Mullerian ducts In the female, Müllerian ducts will develop to form the uterine tubes, uterus, cervix, and the upper one-third of the vagina; in the male, they are lost. This abnormal development can lead to uterine malformations resulting from aplasia of a part of Müllerian duct. Morphological abnormalities can vary from insufficient fission of tissues causing bicornuate uterus, double uterus or preserved uterine septum or in case of Müllerian aplasia to absent uterus

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  1. The uterus (from Latin uterus, plural uteri) or womb is a major female hormone-responsive reproductive sex organ of most mammals, including humans. One end, the cervix, opens into the vagina, while the other is connected to one or both fallopian tubes, (uterine tubes) depending on the species
  2. Uterus didelphys associated with ovarian endometriosis in an infertile patient Dvostruka materica udružena sa endometriozom jajnika kod infertilne pacijentkinje Rudić-Biljić-erski Ivana a , Vasiljević Mladenko b , Rakić Snežana b , Džatić-Smiljković Olivera b , Mihajlović Slađana
  3. Uterus didelphys means being born with two uteruses, and in some cases, two cervixes, and two vaginal opening. The condition, which is estimated to affect one in every 3,000 women, develops in utero. A female fetus develops two tubes that normally fuse together to create the uterus. Occasionally, however, those tubes form independently to create two separate structures. Uterus didelphys can.
  4. Stattdessen werden sie durch spezielle Hormone verursacht (Prostaglandine), welche während der Monatsblutung in vermehrter Form in der Gebärmutterschleimhaut gebildet werden. Die.
  5. If fertilization does not take place, the uterine lining is shed as menstrual flow. In addition, the female reproductive system produces female sex hormones that maintain the reproductive cycle. During menopause the female reproductive system slowly stops making the female hormones needed for the reproductive cycle to work. At this point, menstrual cycles can become irregular and will stop. One year after menstrual cycles stop, the woman is said to be menopausal
  6. Review of literature in 15 reported studies consisting of 1771 patients during 1965 - 1996 period revealed mean incidence of uterus didelphys to be 11.1%. A strong association of renal agenesis with uterus didelphys (81%) has also been suggested

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Additionally, the tissue begins to grow back within six months of stopping the hormones. Congenital Defect Some women are born with malformed uteruses. Often, a woman does not know there is anything wrong until she has troubles conceiving. There are various congenital defects that affect a woman's uterus, some which can be treated and others that can't. Uterine didelphys is a rare. The fetal testicular Sertoli cells secrete an antiMuellerian hormone (inhibin) that causes Muellerian (paramesonephric) duct regression. At the same time, the Leydig cells of the fetal testis. Uterine Didelphys: On very rare occasions, both uteri are present but they fail to fuse at all. This condition results in two separate uteri each with its own fallopian tubes and cervix. This condition can be diagnosed on a routine pelvic exam because there are two cervices . DIAGNOSIS: OTHER ABNORMALITIES In addition to the congenital uterine abnormalities described above, there are a variety. We all recognize that uterine anomalies constitute a spectrum of disorders extending from the normal to the arcuate to the septate and finally to the bicornuate uterus and uterus didelphys. Surrey et al demonstrated that minor abnormalities indeed are trivial and are unlikely to affect fertility and the outcomes of any resulting pregnancies. We must await further studies using three. Arcuate Uterus This malformation is only a mild deviation from the normally developed uterus. 24. Women with nonobstructive defects such as uterine didelphys and unicornuate uterus usually do not need surgical correction. Although abnormal fetal presentation is common, external cephalic version is less likely to be successful CERCLAGE.

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These include genetics, hormone deficiencies and underlying medical conditions. It would be a good idea to talk to your doctor about all the possible causes of your miscarriages before you move. Uterus didelphys. Doppelt angelegter Uterus von normaler Echostruktur (Pfeilspitzen) [M390] Aufgrund der Stimulation durch mütterliche Hormone ist der Uterus des Neugeborenen größer als beim Kleinkind. Am größten ist der Uterus bei der Pluripara im gebärfähigen Alter . Histologie • Myometrium: dreischichtig aus MyometriumB978-3-437-22403-4.10018-1#idx5:subtopic äußerer. Uterus didelphys - Dual system of uterus, cervix, and vagina Bicornuate unicollis - Dual uterine body with the cervix Bicornuate bicollis - Dual system of the uterus with fusion of the medial wall, double cervix, and rarely dual vagina 7 Methodologies. The examination of the uterus is the domain of obstetrics . Various methods are used here

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